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Ang pangarap nating bahay

Ang pangarap nating bahay

Paola Bianca Galope |

A few days ago, we received a message from one of our customers sharing with us photos of their purchased covers already displayed on their new couch. I remembered that they bought these covers from 4 to 5 months ago and said that they will use them once they moved. The covers absolutely looked great but there's quite an emotion on the photo of finally being in their new house that resonated with me. 

I guess you would agree with me that we all wanted our own house, wouldn't you? We work so hard day and night to finally be able to build the house we have always dreamed of. Kami ng asawa ko, we love watching house tour vlogs to get inspiration of what our house would look like in the future. We plan as early now kahit alam namin na it will still take a lot for us to start ours. I guess that's how you dream, you plan, positively look at the future, and hope and pray that it will come true. But having gone through 7 months of quarantine, that dream has changed. This period has taught us to better understand what's more important and what it really means when we asked ourselves kung ano ba ang pangarap nating bahay. 

Yes, for most of us, we still wanted one someday where we can spend our retirement years. But more than the place and the structure, ang pangrap nating bahay is yung malapit lang sa mga magulang natin. Para madali natin sila mabisita and mapuntahan kung kailangan. Malapit lang sa mga kapatid natin para we can still bond even if we have our own families. Malapit lang sa mga pamangkin natin for our children to play with their cousins. Malapit lang sa mga kaibigan natin para pwede pa din magkasama-sama. This pandemic opened our eyes that no matter how small or big our house is, whether we own or rent it, we just wanted to be with the people we love. We wanted to spend more time with the people that are important to us. Because when the world is in chaos, our family is our support, our family is our serenity, our family is our home. So, wherever and whatever your dream house is, we, at Artesa, will always be for your home.